"I like your work because it has a certain indiscernible "it" factor about it. It's captivating. The lighting, the colors...How everything comes together to produce the image."

Tori Amber - Model

(Columbus, OH)

"Jack, your photos are amazing. You always manage to capture the crucial split second in a picture. It is like you have the timing of a photographic ninja. Many thanks for the pictures you took at Maren's wedding. They are fantastic. You even made me look good, which is something akin to magic."

Keith Fromm

Father of the Bride

(Bel Air, CA)


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Jon Ulmer and the rest of your staff of volunteers for the incredible job you guys did in the Press Room at the PGA Northern Trust Open. There is absolutely no way the BZA team could do it's job effectively without your tireless efforts and leadership regarding production and operations for more than 400 media. We are forever in your debt for not only being there every time we asked for something, but doing it in a cheerful way. The L.A. Junior Chamber of Commerce is incredibly fortunate to have people like you that are willing to donate their time and energy to the Northern Trust Open Tournament. 
-Toby Zwikel

Vice President 

Brener, Zwikel & Associates, Inc.

Public Relations for the PGA Northern Trust Open

(Reseda, CA)

Thanks for creating some amazing visual memories for Christina Aguilera on her big "Back To Basics" release night at Linda Perry's recording studio! The party was a huge success, the guests were well represented, and the night was documented 'colorfully' from beginning to end! I can always count on you to get the job done right!!


-Mad Love!

Ashley Adams

Former Personal Assistant to Christina Aguilera

(Beverly Hills, CA)

"I've never had this many usable headshots!  You should shoot while sick all the time!!

Great work, I have my work cut out for me narrowing these down.

Thanks so much!"

Todd Baker

Radio Personality/Actor


(Huntsville, AL)  

"Jack has done some great quality work for SBE. He's always been a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with."

-Michael Doneff

Former Vice President, SBE/Bolthouse Productions

(Los Angeles, CA) 

"Jack! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful you are. I absolutely loved every single minute of our shoot together, and my pictures turned out AMAZING! Not only were you completely professional, but you also made me feel very comfortable and that is so important during a photo shoot. I've never been more happy with pictures in my life, and I definitely feel like I should have spent way more money than I did. You do beautiful work, and you let me have a say in what I wanted to do and see in my pictures, and no photographer has ever done that with me.  I will tell everyone I meet about you and highly recommend they go to you for pictures, although I may get a little jealous because I'm going to want you to take my pictures 24/7 from now on! I want to come back already.  I can't wait to work with you again! THANK YOU!"

Love Always, 

Jaclyn Rose  

Actress, Singer, Corporate Professional

(previously Detroit (MI) and New York (NY) -  now Los Angeles, CA)


(below with Links)






Published Work


Personal Projects and Pursuits

Corporate Background/Resume

Welcome to Jack Fleming Photography! I appreciate your time stopping by my new website! Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the visual results as much as I enjoy creating them. If you would like to know more about me, please enjoy reading the following... However, if your time is limited, you may read the "short version" if you like "HERE."


I believe God blessed me with a passion and talent to hopefully make a difference in this World. I like to think my photography can do just that or at least change the expression on your face, change your visual perspective of an event or change how you see things in general. Change is good! Change can be uncomfortable and sometimes photography should make one uncomfortable too. Change is what pushes one forward. Change is what challenges us!


I love to share my vision with others as well as inspire young minds to pursue their own passions! I've been blessed to be a part of some pretty neat things in my life across this great country! However, it hasn't always been a pleasurable journey. As with life, there are painful obstacles and crossroads-many of which have zero to do with one's craft. Photography is a journey and not a destination. It is a marathon not a sprint. It doesn't necessarily make you rich and it can certainly be a life of feast or famine. But through it all, you hope your experiences visually show through the process and the finished product. 

My journey in pursuing photography as a livelihood was a long one. It wasn't one of ease or even certainty. Like any young kid, I had all kinds of dreams and desires. Believe me when I tell you, I've tried a lot of them because I was so often indecisive or unsure of myself! However, nothing but photography and art have truly allowed me to focus so tightly on pursuits and make myself able to avoid all other distractions around me. And believe me! There can be a lot of distractions and drama in the process!

I consider myself an Artist, Photographer, Producer and Creative Professional. I possess Bachelors Degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design with concentrations in Painting and (Journalistic and Fine Art) 35mm film Photography. I spent two years in a very competitive and Nationally selective Theatrical Lighting and Design Degree Program at the University of Evansville (IN) prior to changing majors. My Sophomore year was comprised of a semester study abroad program in England at Harlaxton College and not only included 4 months of European travel but also an 8 day tour of the former Soviet Union in Moscow and then Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). I've even been inside the Kremlin Walls!

The architecture and art throughout Europe influenced me long before I even realized what I was looking at. Through a class in Advertising Copywriting in the UK, I took a deep interest in the Advertising World. While traveling through historic cathedrals, castles and countries many centuries old, I developed my visual sensibilities. It was an Art History class at the University of Evansville focussing on 1850 to the Present that I realized how much I liked the genre of "Pop Art". 

My creative inspirations have since developed from artists such as James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Georges O'Keefe and Vincent Van Gogh. Photographic influences include Helmet Newton, Dave LaChapelle, David Mecey, Walter Ioos, Jr., and Steve Winter. I also believe that music plays a huge role in my creative pursuits and I immediately credit U2, R.E.M., The Cure, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Neal Diamond, and Billy Joel as favorites.

If you look through my work, you will discover that I often include bright colors, geometric shapes and sight lines and subtle textures. My intention is to get reactions. To document moments. To "choose" and document the precise moment when the shutter opens and exposes a sensor or film to amazing light, action or subjects.

I've photographed celebrities, top fashion designers on the runway, pro athletes in extreme moments, wild animals in their habitat, beautiful women sometimes, delicious food, musically inclined stage performers, fast action, vast landscapes in the United States and around the World, amazing architecture and occasionally even tiny life forms we rarely stop to notice. Sadly, a lot of it has never even been seen! 

I was originally born in Columbus, Ohio and adopted at the age of 2 weeks by two very amazing Parents. Having grown up in the nearby Columbus bedroom community of Granville, a small New England settled village, I always had a fascination with my Parents cameras - a vintage 35mm SLR used by my Father and a tiny single button Brownie Camera that was my Mother's from the 1930's. I made a LOT of mistakes with both of them as a child, but Dad encouraged me to express an interest in my Junior High School Yearbook committee. 



To Write:


-American Heart Association



Los Angeles



Corporate Background


-Disney Consumer Products

-Franklin College Switzerland

-Disney Internet Group (ESPN, NASCAR)

-Artist Direct Records

-LA Gear

-Jack Fleming Photography and Studio

















(additional text to re-write)

 before attending college in Indiana, Fleming spent more than 20 years working in Los Angeles, California in photographic media, product development, entertainment licensing and even a short but very successful career in college admissions for two American universities in Indiana and Switzerland recruiting throughout the United States and Canada. 

Fleming's photographic work is most recognizable through his pursuits in Fashion, professional sports and music as well as National Geographic interests focussing on wildlife and conservation efforts native to Southern California. Fleming has also spent a significant amount of time shooting architecture, glamour, portraiture and event photography.

His styles and interests focus on bright colors, geometric sight lines and subtle textures. He claims inspirations from artists James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol, and Claude Monet and Photographers Helmet Newton, Walter Ioose Jr, and He has also developed a passion for vintage Americana including advertising signs, gas stations, motels and roadside landmarks most notably along Route 66 and Old National Road (US 40).

© 2020 by Jack Fleming Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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